Welcome to the Savannah Regional CLC Website

We currently have 45 affiliated local unions and represent over 8,900 members in Southeast Georgia.

We are the communication center for local organized labor. Delegates from local unions share concerns specific to their workplace, industry and community.

Through the affiliated local unions, we reach concensus on strategies and solutions to working family issues both on and off the job. One major goal is to help recruit, support and elect candidates that understand working family issues.

Those collective decisions carry the weight of our affiiates in support through a voice of one. Today more than ever, in a corporate culture of austerity, concessions and givebacks, a collective voice is needed to fight back these positions. Having every local union on board with a voice and a seat at the table makes us stronger.

"Together We Can" make the difference!"

Join us on Facebook to stay up to date on important things taking place in the Savannah Regional CLC area. This will allow you to stay in touch with other afffilaites and let them know of any upcoming events that you may need their help with or wish to invite. It is also a good tool to spread the word of important information that you may need to get out.


Every Affiliated Local had a seat at the table.  There was VERY difficult discussions in several races among the Committee as several candidates would represent us well on City Council. Here’s the results:

  1. At-Large Post 1 – Carol Bell
  2. At-Large Post 2 – Joe Steffen
  3. District 1 – Van Johnson
  4. District 2 – Mary Osborne
  5. District 3 –John Hall
  6. District 5 – Dr. Estella Shabazz
  7. District 6 – Tony Thomas

We appreciate all the candidates who took the time to come and speak with us.



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